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8th March 2022  | 9th Italian TV interview - Updates on the scientific research - "Spazio Libero" Rai Parlamento Rai 3 h 10.25

9th March 2022  | GFB is participating at the "Never stop moving" documentary premiere - Barcelona

12th March 2022  | GFB is participating at the Neuromuscular Disease Day - GMN - Italy

20th May 2022  |  Doctor Carles Sanchez Riera is presenting at LGMD Global Advocacy Summit https://thespeakfoundation.com/global-advocacy-summit

5-9th July 2022  |  GFB abstract and poster presentation at ICNMD 2022  International Congress on neuromuscular diseases Brussels (Belgium)  https://icnmd.org/

15-17th September 2022  |  Doctor Carles Sanchez Riera is participating and presenting an abstract and poster at Myology 2022 - Nice (France) http://www.myology2022.org/

23th September 2021  |  GFB is participating at PFDD (Patient focused drug development)   https://thespeakfoundation.com/pfdd

11-15th October 2022  |  Poster and abstract presentation at World muscle society 2022 - Halifax (Canada)

October 2022  |  EAMDA International Conference on NMD - Romania

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