The GFB intends to promote an experimental telemedicine project, called Neuromuscular Observation Project in Integrated Telemedicine PONTI, which is part of the association's projects regarding the Covid-19
emergency: #GFBforCovidEmergency.

As for the Italian patients, it seems that the problem of being affected by the virus is secondary. The main problem seems to be that of having to live in the time of the coronavirus, therefore not having assistance
and services at home and not being able to access hospitals, for the related periodic checks. There is a clear demand for telemedicine projects, in order to have hospital services at home.

Moreover, Italian patients have a lot to go to the centers used for their pathology, so having telemedicine services would be very useful, even after this pandemic emergency.

The project aims to test various ways to perform some hospital services remotely with IT tools and video calls. The project is divided into several phases, which will develop in succession, to make the project
flexible and any problems will arise in itinere.

The project will be developed at the Mondino Foundation, National Scientific Neurological Institute IRCCS of Pavia http://www.mondino.it/

The recipients of the project will be people suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular Diseases, managed by the Mondino Foundation in Pavia.

Interview with Spazio Libero - Rai Parliament on July 24th Rai 3:

"Beta-sarcoglycanopathies: Research and telemedicine"



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